Weight Loss Help – Can You Lose Weight Without Doing Anything?

Losing weight without doing anything different does not exist, unless you have a health issue. By its very nature weight loss requires that you do something different than you are currently doing. Think about it, if you could lose weight without changing a thing you are doing, you would already be thin.

There is a great quote by Albert Einstein, he said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If you want to shed the pounds then you need to do something different. So if your one of those people that loves to talk about losing weight but never seems to do it, think about this quote.

If you have really made an effort to lose the pounds but have not lost anything, then you need to try something different, and you need to get more aggressive towards your weight loss goal.

See, shedding the pounds is about three things:
• The first thing is taking in fewer calories than you burn
• The second thing is believing you can lose the weight you desire
• The third thing is having the right motivation that will keep you on track and force you to do what you need to do to lose the weight and keep it off, like exercising, and taking in fewer calories than you burn

So, if you think you can lose weight without doing anything different, think again. Remember Einstein’s quote above, and let’s take the first step towards a healthier new future. As I always like to say, “You must first win the battle of the mind before you can win the battle of the bulge.”

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